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Turtle Conservation Tours

Turtle Conservation Tours

Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station Tours

Known for its work with endangered green turtles (chelonia mydas), Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station is about as far away from the brash resorts of Cyprus as you can get.
A tiny, wooden shack overlooking a remote, protected beach serves as the conservation’s headquarters—the result of an effort that has been on-going since 1978. On the beach, you’ll find iron cages and cautionary signs protecting turtle nests and warning of fragile eggs buried beneath the sand. At other times, water tanks are placed on the beach, with newly-hatched turtles bobbing around inside them before braving their long journey to the waves.
Only accessible via guided tour, the best time to plan a visit to the station is during hatching season (from May to August), when it’s possible to see tiny turtles waddle their way down seaward from the sand. Wild goats and seals can also be spotted on the seashore. Located on the rugged Akamas Peninsula, your best bet for reaching the station is on a Jeep safari or mini bus tour of the area, departing from Paphos.
Practical Info – Lara Bay is located on Cyprus’ Akamas Peninsula, 24 miles (39 km) north of Paphos—or about a 30-minute drive. A 4×4 vehicle is recommended to get down to the beach, which can also be reached by boat from Paphos.
The station is open for guided tours only. Admission is free, but overnight camping is forbidden. While the beach itself is often deserted, there is a cafe on the premises.
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