Living in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus

Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, is a popular destination for tourists seeking sun, sea, and sand. But for those who decide to make this beautiful island their home, Cyprus offers so much more. From a pleasant climate to a relaxed pace of life, living in Cyprus can be a Mediterranean dream come true.


One of the most attractive features of Cyprus is its pleasant climate. The island enjoys around 340 days of sunshine a year, with warm temperatures throughout the year. Summers are hot and dry, with temperatures averaging around 30°C, while winters are mild and rainy, with temperatures averaging around 15°C. This means that residents can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year, from swimming in the sea to hiking in the mountains.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Cyprus is generally lower than in many other European countries. While prices for imported goods can be high, locally produced items such as fruit and vegetables are affordable, and there are plenty of markets and shops where you can find bargains. Housing is also relatively affordable, particularly in comparison to other popular Mediterranean destinations. The cost of utilities, such as electricity and water, is generally lower than in many other countries.


Cyprus has a modern healthcare system with both private and public hospitals and clinics. Residents are entitled to use the public healthcare system, which is free or low cost, depending on income. Private healthcare is also available, which offers more options and shorter waiting times for non-urgent procedures. The quality of healthcare in Cyprus is generally high, with well-trained doctors and medical staff.


Cyprus offers a relaxed, Mediterranean lifestyle that is hard to beat. The island is known for its warm hospitality and friendly people, which makes settling in a breeze. The pace of life is slower than in many other countries, with plenty of time for socializing and enjoying the outdoors. The island is also home to a diverse range of expats from around the world, which makes for a rich cultural mix.

Activities and Amenities

There is no shortage of things to do in Cyprus. The island is home to stunning beaches, charming villages, and historical sites, including UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and water sports. For those who prefer a more urban lifestyle, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options in the larger towns and cities.


Living in Cyprus offers a high quality of life in a beautiful Mediterranean setting. With its pleasant climate, affordable cost of living, modern healthcare system, and relaxed lifestyle, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to make this island their home. Whether you’re retiring, looking for a change of scenery, or simply seeking a new adventure, living in Cyprus can be a dream come true.

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